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Data security and preservation is why your clients chose you. They must trust that their personal information is secure and will not fall in the wrong hand. We get it.

When was the last time you had an IT infrastructure Audit done? Do you know if that data is really secure? Do you have a good disaster recovery plan? Do you trust your Cloud Provider if you are using it?

What about your users? Are they educated enough to make sure that they do not click on those fishing emails that are flooding everyone’s mailboxes? What if you could prevent those fishing emails to get to your inbox in the first place? You must keep multiple years of records for each of your client, do you worry that you have enough storage wherever that data resides? Do you know if it is probably backed up?

Let us demonstrate how secure your environment really is. Even better, give us the opportunity to make sure that it is!

We got hit with Ransomware in the middle of February, which is for me Tax Season…But these guys got in, figured it out, got it straightened out…
– Kenneth G. Menzies Jr, PA.

Atruent's Value Proposition

You are under strict deadlines, you deal with several software to maintain your clients (Ultratax, Quickbooks, Sage Accounting Suite, Fixed Assets, Practice CS, ProSeries, Portfolio Center just to name a few). Protecting your client information is what you care about the most, while making sure that your IT Infrastructure is optimal, especially during Tax Season.
  • We optimize your network infrastructure to guarantee up time when you need it the most.
  • We make sure that all your data is secured and centralized and provide you with peace of mind that you client’s data will not fall in the wrong hand
  • We are experts in the multitude of software applications that you must use to support your clients
  • We make sure that all equipment, hardware and software alike is working at an optimal level to ensure efficiency
Unlike other firms, our primary goal is to grow alongside with you and ensure scalability. We are your Trusted IT Partner and set up Technology to allow you to grow at your own pace.
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