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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

This assesment is for regulated industries concerned about Cyber Security.

Regulated Industries PCI-DSS specifically mentions penetration testing. HIPAA calls for Covered Entities to “conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of potential risks and vulnerabilities” facing health-related data. All industry-specific cybersecurity regulations exist to shrink risk. Penetration testing is a valuable way to uncover areas of weakness and vulnerability which, in turn, can be remediated to reduce the risk of a breach or other cyber event.

Any organization concerned about cybersecurity Anyone who wants to answer the following questions should consider penetration testing:

  • “How hackable is my network edge by a bad actor with Internet access?”
  • “If my edge defenses allow something bad through, what vulnerabilities or footholds could a hacker or malicious software leverage to damage or steal private information?”
  • “Is my Internet-facing website susceptible to code injection or cross-site scripting?”
  • How Can We Help?

    Our Penetration Testing is designed to:

  • Identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and exploits in the organization’s information systems, networks, and applications
  • Improve the overall security posture of the organization Penetration testing plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to defend against security threats.
  • Reduce organizational risk Vulnerability scanning can identify existing vulnerabilities and exploits in an organization’s information technology assets, including operating systems, applications, and devices.
  • Support compliance Penetration testing can satisfy organization’s regulatory, commercial, and organizational compliance requirements.
  • Test security investments Penetration testing measures the effectiveness of the security controls that are currently in place.
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