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Download our infographic to learn how you can protect your organization.

Download our infographic to learn how to maximize your chances of a payout.

Cyberattacks today are a matter of concern for businesses of all sizes. However, it is more concerning that a growing number of businesses believe that having cyber insurance is a foolproof shield against potential damages.


The truth is, that simply having a policy doesn’t guarantee a payout, and your insurance claim can be denied for various reasons. A denied claim can seriously hurt the growth of your business and shake the very foundations of your business venture.


That’s why we’ve created an infographic to help you unlock the secrets to a robust cyber insurance strategy.

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  • Understand the common reasons why claims get denied.
  • Implement steps to fortify your cyber defenses.
  • Avoid the consequences of a denied insurance claim.


Empower yourself with the knowledge to protect your business from falling into a financial crisis.


Download our infographic to learn the best practices to maximize your chance of a payout by filling out the form above.

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“ABH has been working with Atruent for the last 2+ years. Every person within the company strives for excellence and provides exceptional service to their clients. The CEO builds individual relationships and sets the tone for a friendly organizational culture and climate. Every phone call, meeting, or interaction with any of their staff leads to satisfaction and fondness for their attitude, expertise, and competence. I would recommend Aida and her team to up-and-coming or established companies. No job is too small or too big for this company.”
Vera Kurdian LCSW_C, CEO, Program Director, Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.

Atruent's Value Proposition



Protecting your patient's information is what you care about the most besides simply caring for your patient. Optimizing your IT Infrastructure while staying HIPAA compliant is critical, which is why you need the right Technology Partner to give you peace of mind.

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  • We optimize your network infrastructure to guarantee up time when you need it the most.
  • We will guide you through HIPAA compliance journey every step of the way
  • We make sure that all equipment, hardware and software alike is working at an optimal level to ensure efficiency

Unique differentiation

Unlike other MSPs, we are uniquely positioned to help you maintain Compliance through our Compliance As A Service (CaaS) Division.