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IT Support for the Construction Industry

Managed Services in Construction IT involves the specialized outsourcing of IT maintenance and management. Our focus is on ensuring seamless operations and cost-effectiveness, critical for the dynamic environment of construction.


  • Versatile Environment Coverage: Whether it’s on-premise, cloud-based, or a hybrid setup, our services are designed to support all operational environments in construction.
  • All-in-One Functionality: Experience the simplicity and power of managing your construction project’s IT needs through a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Endpoints
    • Windows & MAC OS
    • Event logs, advanced breach detection/isolations & threat hunting: We can detect suspicious tools that should not be present on your network, such as hacking utilities, password crackers, etc. used for malicious intent.
  • IT Network Infrastructure
    • Edge Devices, Systems and Firewalls: We monitor firewall logs acting as a syslog collector.
    • Activities and alert messages are then aggregated, parsed, and investigated to identify potential threat indicators.
  • Cloud Applications
    • Microsoft 365 & Azure AD: The largest security gap and blind spot for threats = Email.
    • We monitor your O365 accounts for business email compromises (BEC), unauthorized rule forwarding, and excess privileges risking data leakage.
    • We monitor the Dark Web 24×7 for any exposed credentials linked to your domain or IP details
    • Track and observe all event log activities within your Azure AD account for malicious logins or suspicious/anomalous behaviors or changes indicating potential security breach threats.
    • Event log analysis and monitoring of Active Directory access and activities
    • Monitor & Identify Malicious logins or anomalous behaviors or changes
People + Process + Technology = Comprehensive Security Defense
  • Proactive & Preventative Security Management: Improved Security Posture & Effectiveness of Security Tools/Strategies
  • 24x7x365 SOC Cover/Support
  • Overcome IT Skills & Resource Gaps: Leverage Veteran IT & Cybersecurity Specialist and Analysts
  • Increased Threat Awareness & Risk Mitigation: Real-time trending and expanded data analytics
  • Critical Documentation & Record keeping for: Event Log & Activity Tracking and Incident / Notification Records
  • CUSTOMIZABLE!: Solutions Designed for the Unique Needs of YOUR Organization


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IT Services

  • Access and Permission Control: Implementing the Principle of Least Privilege to ensure secure and efficient access to construction project data.
  • Identity Authentication and Password Security: Custom solutions for safeguarding digital identities and enhancing password protocols on construction sites.
  • Regular Security Risk Assessments: Proactive evaluations to identify and mitigate potential risks in your construction IT infrastructure.
  • Advanced Email Security: Protecting communication channels crucial for construction project coordination.
  • Security Awareness Training for Construction Teams: Educating your workforce about cyber threats specific to the construction industry. We emphasize that the biggest security asset is a well-informed team, capable of identifying and preventing potential breaches.
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“ABH has been working with Atruent for the last 2+ years. Every person within the company strives for excellence and provides exceptional service to their clients. The CEO builds individual relationships and sets the tone for a friendly organizational culture and climate. Every phone call, meeting, or interaction with any of their staff leads to satisfaction and fondness for their attitude, expertise, and competence. I would recommend Aida and her team to up-and-coming or established companies. No job is too small or too big for this company.”

Vera Kurdian LCSW_C, CEO, Program Director, Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.

Atruent's Value Proposition



Protecting your patient's information is what you care about the most besides simply caring for your patient. Optimizing your IT Infrastructure while staying HIPAA compliant is critical, which is why you need the right Technology Partner to give you peace of mind.

quantified value

  • We optimize your network infrastructure to guarantee up time when you need it the most.
  • We will guide you through HIPAA compliance journey every step of the way
  • We make sure that all equipment, hardware and software alike is working at an optimal level to ensure efficiency

Unique differentiation

Unlike other MSPs, we are uniquely positioned to help you maintain Compliance through our Compliance As A Service (CaaS) Division.