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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

You need a Security Operations Center (SOC) on Your Side: A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized hub or command center that augments your overall IT & data security defense posture by harnessing the collective power of technology, processes, and people to aggregate, analyze, support, and manage the multiple security measures in place to protect your organization.

  • Endpoints
    • Windows & MAC OS
    • Event logs, advanced breach detection/isolations & threat hunting: We can detect suspicious tools that should not be present on your network, such as hacking utilities, password crackers, etc. used for malicious intent.
  • IT Network Infrastructure
    • Edge Devices, Systems and Firewalls: We monitor firewall logs acting as a syslog collector.
    • Activities and alert messages are then aggregated, parsed, and investigated to identify potential threat indicators.
  • Cloud Applications
    • Microsoft 365 & Azure AD: The largest security gap and blind spot for threats = Email.
    • We monitor your O365 accounts for business email compromises (BEC), unauthorized rule forwarding, and excess privileges risking data leakage.
    • We monitor the Dark Web 24×7 for any exposed credentials linked to your domain or IP details
    • Track and observe all event log activities within your Azure AD account for malicious logins or suspicious/anomalous behaviors or changes indicating potential security breach threats.
    • Event log analysis and monitoring of Active Directory access and activities
    • Monitor & Identify Malicious logins or anomalous behaviors or changes
People + Process + Technology = Comprehensive Security Defense
  • Proactive & Preventative Security Management: Improved Security Posture & Effectiveness of Security Tools/Strategies
  • 24x7x365 SOC Cover/Support
  • Overcome IT Skills & Resource Gaps: Leverage Veteran IT & Cybersecurity Specialist and Analysts
  • Increased Threat Awareness & Risk Mitigation: Real-time trending and expanded data analytics
  • Critical Documentation & Record keeping for: Event Log & Activity Tracking and Incident / Notification Records
  • CUSTOMIZABLE!: Solutions Designed for the Unique Needs of YOUR Organization


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