Growing unrest in eastern Europe has increased the likelihood of cyber-attacks, especially targeting United States companies. In January of this year, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), FBI, and NSA released a cybersecurity advisory.

In 2020 and 2021, we had already seen spikes in cybercrime as opportunists zeroed into the new vulnerabilities exposed by the rapid deployment of remote workers.

Remote work solutions increased vulnerabilities as employees used personal devices to access company data. While remote work is good for both employees and their employers, companies must step up security procedures. The growing threats include:

  • Exploiting cloud-based system vulnerabilities.
  • Phishing scams.
  • Malware and ransom wear.
  • Social engineering tactics designed to exploit employees.

Many businesses have not stepped up their cybersecurity programs.

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are vulnerable but midsize businesses are a growing target for cybercriminals. Midsize businesses possess valuable data while having less robust security measures in place. The scale of cybercrime is almost incomprehensible. The likelihood of attempts on your business is high: In 2021, Cyberattacks occurred every 11 seconds, twice the rate of 2019. Many businesses underestimate their vulnerability. According to the US Middle Market Business Index survey, 18% of middle-market businesses experienced an attack while 95% of executives expressed confidence that they were protected from cybersecurity threats. The gap between confidence and risk is being exploited by cybercriminals. Small and midsize businesses need to ask themselves, how protected is their business?

One reason for the gap between confidence and risk is that many underestimate the abilities and motivations of cybercriminals to evolve. To put it simply, it is the job of cybercriminals to develop new strategies to exploit vulnerabilities. And, while businesses often focus on software and hardware to protect their business, truly effective cybersecurity programs require a deep assessment of an organization’s risks, a comprehensive program that also trains employees, and a commitment to continually assess the threat landscape and make adjustments to stay one step ahead.

Becoming a victim of cybercrime and cyber terrorism is devasting to any business. The mitigation efforts are costly. The long-term impacts of cybercrime can lead to loss of reputation, inability to meet customers’ needs, and even business closure. Implementing a solid cybersecurity program is one of the best investments you can make. With lower resources available, many small businesses are unable to recover. It is not just the mitigation costs; downtime contributes to the nearly 200,000 small businesses face per ransomware. Downtime alone can cost thousands of dollars per minute.

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While the need has increased, finding qualified employees to meet the emerging cybersecurity needs is challenging. According to a New York Times report, millions of cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled as demand exceeds the experienced workforce. Alarmingly, the tactics of cybercriminals and cyberterrorists shift as actors respond to security measures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly a tool. Business owners need robust cybersecurity programs with access to talented professionals who stay abreast of new threats as they happen and emerging trends. But the challenge is the talent is not available.

For many small businesses, the best way to achieve this essential level of cybersecurity is to partner with an IT provider with the resources and talent to protect their business from cyber threats.

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