There are several options available for managing your business’s IT infrastructure. Fully managed IT is one popular option, where an IT service provider takes care of all aspects of your IT needs, from monitoring and maintenance to troubleshooting and problem resolution. Another excellent option is co-managed IT.

Co-managed IT provides supplemental support to your internal IT department, and it does not replace your in-house IT staff but augments their efforts and fills in gaps. A co-managed IT service provider can help your internal IT team with monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting so that they can focus on more important projects without worrying about missing a critical patch or incident alert.

This article explains how co-managed IT can benefit your business and highlights signs indicating it’s right for your business.

4 signs co-managed IT is perfect for your business

Overwhelmed in-house IT staff

Your internal IT team is the backbone of your organization and plays a crucial role in the smooth running of your business. However, if your IT staff is constantly overworked and needs help keeping up with the demands of your organization, it may be time to call for reinforcements. Co-managed IT will help alleviate the pressure on your internal IT team and enable them to focus on more critical tasks.

Extensive downtime and disruptions 

Downtime and disruptions can be costly for any business, generating significant stress for your internal IT team. If your organization experiences a lot of downtime and interruptions, your internal IT team may need a helping hand. 

An IT service provider can help by monitoring your systems and proactively identifying and addressing potential issues. This support will save your IT team and business from the adverse effects of extended downtime and disruptions.

Missed project deadlines 

Your internal IT team is vital to completing your organization’s projects. If your IT team consistently misses project deadlines, it might be a sign that they need support. 

Partnering with an IT service provider can help your internal IT team stay on track by providing the necessary resources and tools. This assistance will help your IT team complete projects on time and achieve your business objectives.

Lack of adequate tools and resources

Your internal IT team is vital in keeping your organization’s IT systems running smoothly. If your internal IT team struggles without adequate tools and resources, consider co-managed IT. 

An IT service provider can provide your internal IT team with the tools and resources they need to be more effective, allowing them to work more efficiently and enabling your organization to run smoothly.

An IT service provider can help.

As an experienced IT service provider, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure for businesses. We offer various services, including fully managed and co-managed IT, to help organizations like yours reduce downtime, improve internal IT processes and drive growth.

If you need clarification on whether co-managed IT is the right fit for your business, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to understand how it can benefit your organization. Atruent’s dedicated team is ready to support your growth by offering tools and resources that make IT teams more effective.

To learn more about the benefits of co-managed IT, contact us or download our informative infographic, What You Need to Know About Co-Managed IT Services.