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How We Do It

Customized Solution Process

Analyze your current infrastructure and IT solution through a thorough assessment by an Atruent IT professional on-site


Create a list of recommendations from IT professionals that are best suited for your business and future growth


Implement the recommendations in order to create an infrastructure and solution that can support your business


Proactively manage your infrastructure through remote monitoring and NOC and SOC services

Atruent tailors customized solutions based on your business’ specific needs.  No solution is like the other, and with the use of our 4 step Customized Solution Process, our team positions your companies IT structure accordingly!

How We Do It

Strategic IT Planning

At Atruent, our Strategic IT Planning process includes the following..

  1. 1. Quarterly C-Level Executive Meetings
  2. 2. Vendor Qualification
  3. 3. Business Process Analysis
  4. 4. IT Budget Planning
  5. 5. Technology Change Facilitation, Project Management
  6. 6. Executive Reports (Inventory Control, Health Score, Security Score, etc.)
Infrastructure Configuration

Atruent’s Infrastructure Configuration includes the following..

  1. 1. Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  2. 2. Network Operations Center / Security Operations Center
  3. 3. Desktop Monitoring and Maintenance
  4. 4. End Points Security
  5. 5. Network Firewalls Monitoring and Maintenance
  6. 6. Network Monitoring and Maintenance
Network Operation Center/Security Operation Center

Data Security

With Atruent’s Customized Solutions, Our Data Security Services includes the following..

  1. 1. Anti-Malware Deployment
  2. 2. Storage Management and Maintenance
  3. 3. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  4. 4. Applications Whitelisting and data-loss Prevention
  5. 5. Email Security
Vulnerability and Risk Management

At Atruent, our Vulnerability and Risk Management platform includes the following..

  1. 1. Vulnerability Scanning and Patching
  2. 2. Security Policy Reviews
  3. 3. Intrusion Detection
  4. 4. Penetration Testing
Identity and Access Management

With Atruent, our Identity and Access Management path includes the following..

  1. 1. User Access and Management Rights
  2. 2. Authentication and Authorization
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