Managed IT Support in Baltimore, MD

For over 20 years, our local firm has been the partner of choice for IT support in Baltimore, with reliable, secure, and scalable managed IT services. We can help your business, too. Browse our services below.

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Our Managed IT Services

Atruent helps technology catalyze your success instead of throttling your growth. Our extensive managed IT support services cater to the requirements of businesses in the Baltimore area, ensuring your IT framework is robust, efficient, and secure. Delve into the essential services we provide:

Update Management

It’s imperative to keep your software updated to protect against threats and enhance system performance. Yet, software changes can also be disruptive to business operations. Atruent’s update and patch management service is the answer to this challenge, unlocking the performance and security benefits of the latest upgrades and boosting operational efficiency.

Perimeter Security for Networks

The outer boundary of your network is the first and best line of defense against external threats. We reinforce this boundary with sophisticated security strategies, including cutting-edge firewalls and comprehensive anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. This aggressive approach prevents unauthorized intrusions and shields your data from cyber risks.

Control of Access and Permissions

Effective access and permission controls are essential to safeguard your critical data and systems. We help you maintain a secure and compliant IT environment by ensuring that all individuals have the access necessary to perform their job functions. We implement the Principle of Least Privilege, minimizing the potential impact of a breach by restricting access to sensitive information and critical systems to only those who require it.

Authentication and Security of Identities and Passwords

Robust identity and access management are paramount. Our services in identity authentication and password security are comprehensive, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access your crucial systems.

Ongoing Security Evaluations

Identifying vulnerabilities within your IT setup is crucial for bolstering your defenses. Our continuous security evaluations pinpoint potential threats, enabling proactive measures to fortify your security stance.

Enhanced Security for Email

Given that email is a frequent target for cyber threats, our enhanced email security measures defend your organization from phishing, malware, and other threats transmitted via email, ensuring the integrity of your communications.

Training in Security Awareness for Staff

The human element can often be the weakest link in your security chain. We provide your team with security awareness training, empowering them with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and counteract cyber threats. Thus, we nurture a culture of cybersecurity within your organization.

Why Atruent?

Each enterprise possesses distinct IT needs, a principle Atruent embraces wholeheartedly. Our managed IT services meet the objectives and hurdles Baltimore-based businesses face. Stationed in Millersville, we approach IT support with a commitment to building robust relationships with our neighbors throughout the Baltmore-metro area.


Whether bolstering security measures, elevating operational efficiency, or catalyzing business expansion, our local IT professionals offer guidance and expertise at every juncture, ensuring your IT infrastructure propels your business forward.

Case Studies

Thomasville Restoration

"As a business that grew from 27 employees to 63 in less than a year, it became unmanageable for us to maintain all the electronics, emails, and users for a tech-forward restoration company. Aida and her team (Zach, Jordan, Ricky, and Ron, to name a few) have bent over backwards to accommodate us. Late night calls, on site visits, meetings, etc this team is UNSTOPPABLE. Aida, the owner, has personally made many stops in our office to evaluate our needs and budget and provide us with the best options possible. We are so grateful to work with such a communicative company who is willing to stop at nothing to ensure their customers happiness. Thank you all!!"

Inter Sign National

See how Atruent helped Inter Sign National, a Baltimore custom sign manufacturing company.

Local IT Support

Regional Know-How, Worldwide Excellence

Atruent stands out by harmonizing regional know-how with excellence in international security and compliance standards. Located in Millersville, we grasp the distinct characteristics, challenges, and opportunities for businesses operating in the Baltimore metro area. Our local presence facilitates tailored services, long-term partnerships, and rapid response capabilities. Simultaneously, our recognized commitment to international IT best practices guarantees that our services are of the highest global security and compliance standards.