Not every company can be up-to-date on information technology, but it is one of the most important business tools today. Hiring a highly skilled IT staff is a great start, but often, that staff only has so much bandwidth to get everything done and learn new IT to benefit your business, too.

Many large corporations have turned to managed service providers — or MSPs — in recent years to close the IT gaps. But what are MSPs, and how can they benefit your business?

Debunking Managed Service Provider Myths

Simply put, a managed service provider offers tools and services from networking and infrastructure to software and security. Some offer native services, while others focus on one type of vendor or technology.

“We listen a lot because you can’t support a client if you don’t understand what their pains and challenges are,” said Aida Keehner, CEO & President at Atruent. “For me, it’s not about selling services or a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, I provide CIO services at the outset because I can’t make a proposal to a client or even tell them ‘This is what I’m going to do to help you and get you there’ if I don’t understand what they do and how they do it. It might even be a question of starting to re-engineer their processes first because technology is just a tool.”

The concept of MSPs is only about a decade old, and it is important to clear up misconceptions about the industry before rumors take hold forever. 

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Common MSP Misconceptions

Managed service providers can offer an array of services and packages for businesses, but there are some things MSPs simply are not. Here are some of the top managed service provider myths busted:

  • All managed service providers are the same. While all services can sound the same, each MSP has its own area of expertise. Knowing what tasks and services you want to be covered for your business are crucial before choosing the best provider for you. For example, a monthly managed IT services package with Atruent includes oversight like patch management, security awareness training, network security, and advanced email security. 
  • MSPs replace IT staffers. Many companies are hiring outside organizations and contractors instead of filling out internal departments to reduce costs. However, managed service providers actually act as a support system for your existing IT team and infrastructure. Adding an MSP to your business will reduce the existing burden, not eliminate staffers. In fact, a recent CompTIA survey showed only about 6% of businesses fired their IT staff after hiring an MSP.
  • Managed service providers can leave our data at risk. Cybersecurity is one of the hottest tech buzzwords today, but it is important for every business. A savvy MSP can aid its clients through state-of-the-art defenses and employee training across the business. From the protection of customer data to the security of your own, Atruent offers several cybersecurity services to protect your assets from hackers and cyber-criminals. 
  • The bigger the MSP, the better. Bigger businesses can mean more resources and funding, but they don’t always mean a better fit for your needs. The most important part of choosing a managed service provider is what you need and how they can address those needs. 
  • Small businesses don’t need or can’t afford managed service providers. While most early clients of MSPs are large corporations and medium-sized businesses, small businesses can also benefit from managed IT services. In fact, most MSPs are more cost-effective than hiring out for emergencies. 

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