Crafting the Digital Smile

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In the art of dentistry, where precision meets passion, and every smile is a testament to skillful care, it’s vital that your digital infrastructure reflects the same level of excellence. Atruent is here to infuse your practice with top-notch IT and cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that while you focus on gleaming teeth, your tech foundation remains rock solid. 

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Why Distinguished Dentists Opt

For Atruent

  • Guardian of Patient Profiles: Every dental chart, X-ray, and appointment detail is safeguarded under our meticulous cybersecurity canopy, ensuring patient confidentiality and data integrity. 
  • Effortless Practice Management: Our IT solutions integrate seamlessly with dental software platforms, streamlining appointments, billing, and patient communications. 
  • Constant Digital Oversight: Just as you monitor every tooth and gum, we keep a vigilant eye on the digital landscape, ensuring your practice remains protected from potential tech snags. 

Secure, Streamlined, Supported

As you sculpt smiles and ensure oral health, Atruent ensures your technological journey is just as flawless and efficient. With a digital partner like us, your practice can truly shine in this digital age. 


Brighten up your day with stress-free tech solutions. With Atruent, let your dental expertise resonate in a digitally secure and seamless environment. 

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Our Services

Our Services

“Managed Services” is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating need for range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses (source: Wikipedia). In more simpler words, it is all about being proactive with your environment instead of using the old reactive model (break-fix). From user endpoints such as laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones to servers, virtualization, Cloud Computing, network management and maintenance, security services, IT optimization, Strategic planning, and a complete Service Desk, our brilliant (and Friendly!) team of Network Engineers, Help Desk Technicians all levels, NOC and SOC are covering your entire technology stack.
Cyber-criminal activity and regulatory compliance requirements create a massive demand for effective risk management and security controls. Atruent has created many services that can be sold independently or bundled together as part of a security program. Either way, our goal is to help customers understand threats and to enhance their security posture. A description of our core security services is listed below. Our security services can be thought of as sequential steps taken in a circular pattern.
Compliance-as-a-Service: Let us help you achieve mandated regulatory goals to keep your business up and running. Our CaaS solution can help you accomplish and maintain compliance with multiple global regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST-CSF or CMMC, and manage due care for your cyber liability insurance. Let us help you conquer your compliance challenges.
The hybrid workplace is here. For many of us, the office has always been the center of our working lives. But something is changing. More office workers today are spending part of their time in the office and part working from home. Many of the disruptive workplace trends underway like digitization and automation technologies were only accelerated by the pandemic. It’s clear we’ve moved into a hybrid workplace where the effect of technology on employee engagement and experience will be immensely. Hybrid working will change the way we meet, collaborate, engage and impress our workforce, and inspire and communicate to crowds. We offer Wireless conferencing for better hybrid meetings: Simple, easy, wireless.
Our passion for Technology is constantly driving our journey to provide extended capabilities. It does not matter if you are an existing client, already have an IT department or simply need a one-time project. Our team of Seasoned Engineers and experts can guide you through every phase of the project cycle from start to completion.
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Based between Annapolis and Baltimore, we pride ourselves on providing trusted and reliable local service in an effort to boister your company's efforts. Behind each computer screen is a person, and it's because of this we still put value in face-to-face relationships, a personal touch, and connection with our clients.


At Atruent we understand that running a business can be a handful. We are here to help! We understand your pain points and bring them to the table!


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